What sounds better for a cozy night at home than pizza and a movie? Whether it’s a date night, a night in with friends, or a night at home alone to rest and recharge, pizza and movies are a classic combination. In this article, we’ve compiled a list of the best movies to watch for movie night to queue up the next time you bring home your favorite pizza from Rosati’s Chicago Loop. Whether you’re looking for movies with food themes, movies to watch with friends, or the best family movies for pizza night, we have all of the recommendations for the best movies to pair with pizza.

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The Best Movies With Food Themes

Pizza is one of everyone’s favorite comfort foods, from children to grownups alike. Whether it’s the melty cheese, the sweet sauce, the delicious crust, or your favorite toppings, there is something for everyone to love on pizza. Pair it with a movie and you have the perfect night.

Best Family Movies to Watch for Movie Night

If you are looking for the perfect way for the whole family to spend quality time together, there is nothing better than a few pizzas and a classic family film. 

“Home Alone” 

In this classic film shot just outside Chicago in Winnetka, all Kevin McCallister wants is a plain cheese pizza. But his mean brother makes sure the entire plain cheese pizza is gone before he gets a slice. And who can forget the classic scene in the sequel with Kevin having a full pizza all by himself in the back of a fancy limousine while driving through the streets of New York? 

“Mr. Deeds” 

“Mr. Deeds” is a classic comedy starring Adam Sandler as a small-town pizzeria owner who suddenly inherits a huge corporate empire. Pick it up for your next family movie night (but you might want to skip the french fries and Oreo pizza toppings!) 

“Back to the Future II”

The sequel to the fan-favorite “Back to the Future,” features a tiny dehydrated pizza that needs to be rehydrated in a special oven. The person who is making the pizza has to tell the oven at which level they want the pizza to be rehydrated. The pizza comes out of the oven ready to eat and at a normal pizza within seconds. While we have yet to come out with a rehydrated pizza, you can pick up a delicious pizza that is fully hydrated from Rosati’s Chicago Downtown.

Best Movie For a Solo Night In 

Every once in a while, you need to enjoy a movie and some pizza on your own.

“Eat, Pray, Love”

If you’re looking for a movie to enjoy for a solo night in with your favorite pie, turn on “Eat, Pray, Love” and enjoy Julia Roberts as she memorably says, “I’m in love. I’m having a relationship with my pizza.”

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Best Movies To Watch With Friends For a Girls’ Night In

Some nights call for your best girlfriends, a bottle of wine, and some delicious pizza. Here are some movies to watch for movie night on your next girls’ night in: 

“The Princess Diaries” 

A pizza is one of the best ways to apologize, and in the classic 2001 film, Anne Hathaway’s character Mia Thermopolis sends a pizza to her friend with “sorry” spelled out on the crust in Skittles.

“Crazy, Stupid Love”

This movie is a must-watch solely for the shot of Ryan Gosling eating a slice of pizza while wearing a suit. Need we say more? 

Best Movie for Date Night 

Pizza and a movie is a classic date night for a reason. 


No pizza and movie date is complete with a fairy-tale romantic comedy that combines live-action and animated musical fantasy.

Best Movies Featuring Pizza 

If you want to make it a themed evening, choose a movie featuring pizza while you enjoy your pie from Rosati’s! 

“Spider-Man 2”

If you want to see one of the most exciting pizza deliveries of all time on film, check out “Spider-Man 2.” When Peter is ordered to deliver eight pizzas in less than eight minutes or else lose his job, he switches into his Spider-Man costume to fly from building to building ‒ oh, and rescues two children from the path of an oncoming vehicle.

“Mystic Pizza” 

Some nights, you just need a romantic comedy-drama. After all, how can you go wrong choosing a movie about three girls working at a pizza parlor for your next pizza night? 

Best Movie for Guys’ Night In

Movies to watch with friends aren’t just for women! If it’s time for a movie and beer night with your guys, consider this favorite flick:

“Saturday Night Fever” 

There is a reason why “Saturday Night Fever” remains a classic 45 years later. One of the most iconic movie scenes featuring pizza is John Travolta’s strut down the street in Brooklyn while chowing down on two slices of pizza on top of another in “Saturday Night Fever” to the tune “Stayin’ Alive.”

Other Movies With Food Themes

If you want to watch a film that focuses entirely on food with your next pizza, we’ve got some recommendations. Food is a universal theme in films, and there are plenty of amazing movies that revolve around all types of delicious cuisine. Here are some of our favorite movies with food themes:


The movie “Chef” was a passion project for writer, director, and star Jon Favreau. It showcases a lot of street food and the tension between haute cuisine and down-to-earth food. 

“Julie & Julia”

“Julie & Julia” is a must-see film for foodies who love Julia Child.

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Pick Up a Rosati’s Pizza to Enjoy While You Watch The Best Movies With Food Themes 

Well, by now you must be hungry ‒ and ready to watch a movie. It’s time to do both! No matter which film you choose for your next pizza and movie night, order a pizza, salad, or some delicious desserts for pick-up or delivery from Rosati’s Chicago Loop. We have the best pizza in Chicago. Call us or order a pizza online now!

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