Pizza and game night are like peanut butter and jelly– better together! But, if you’re planning with pizza party ideas for adults in mind, sometimes you might get a little stuck picking games. After all, everyone has their idea of the best and worst games. Even classics like Monopoly are divisive! Not to worry. You bring the people, we’ll bring pizza and game ideas. Here at Rosati’s Downtown, we are here to make your next event stand out from the rest. So, let’s take a look at some pizza party games to play. 

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Pairing Pizza with Games

There are so many options for what to do with your night off. A promising start: getting your favorite pizza. But what do you do once you’ve chowed down? Sure, a pizza and movie night is a classic. But are you really engaging with your friends? Meanwhile, pizza and games go together just as well. And they keep you and your guests talking, entertained, and laughing for the whole night. Pairing pizza with games is a simple way to turn a boring Friday night into an event your friends will be referencing funny moments from for years. 

Pizza Party Games

There are so many game options you can choose from. A pizza party game can be themed, a 1-minute challenge, a card game, or even a board game! What you choose should absolutely match the overall vibes of your group. Don’t be afraid to ask for people’s game preferences before the night begins. Finding pizza party ideas for adults doesn’t have to be a solo task. Asking your friends can help you hone in on what the group will enjoy the most– especially since some games require a bit of setup. Here are some thoughts to explore before polling the group.  

Themed Games

If you’re really looking to merge pizza and game night, then why not choose some pizza-related games to play? There are quite a few games you can purchase that are pizza-themed. 

Taco Cat Goat Cheese Pizza is a game for 3-8 players. Think slap jack, with added difficulty of matching your words to the cards you’re throwing. Or you could opt for P for Pizza, a word game where you have to come up with items in a category that start with a certain letter. But quick! You have to shout your word before your competitors. 

Don’t want to drop money on a game you’re unsure of? That is fine too. You can enjoy your pizza with games that are more homemade. Purchase a few flat pizza boxes and have a race to see who can assemble them the fastest! Or, for a budget-friendly option, put together a game of Pictionary or charades with only pizza-based prompts!

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1-Minute Challenges

Pizza party games don’t have to be themed. You can round up some games that are simply fun to play! Sometimes you can create the most fun with regular household items. Here are some of our favorites:

  • The Cookie Challenge: Place a cookie on the players’ foreheads. Using ONLY their facial muscles, the challengers must get the cookie into their mouth. First player to do so wins!
  • Reverse Fanny Pack Challenge: Create a belt using a thick ribbon passing through an empty tissue box. With the plastic film removed from the opening, place 10 ping pong balls into the box. Tie the belt around someone’s waist with the box at the base of their back. Without touching the belt, the box, or the ping pong balls, the player must move their body to bounce the ping pong balls out of the box. The person to get all the ping pong balls out in the shortest time wins. 
  • Cup Stacking Challenge: Start with a stack of 15 plastic cups. Each player will stack the cups into a period then disassemble it back into a single stack. The challenger to complete this the fastest wins! Want an extra challenge? Make the players do the task with one hand. 
  • Dice Walk Challenge: Have each player place one die balanced on each shoulder. The challenger who can walk the furthest distance in 30 seconds wins!

Card Games

Cards are another great option for pizza and game night, especially if you want to be a bit more static than the 1-minute challenges allow. There are plenty of excellent card games that your group can choose between!

A tried and true favorite will always be UNO. This addition to your pizza night is a classic. All you have to do is get rid of your cards the fastest. But watch out! Your friends might double as saboteurs. Another fan favorite is Phase 10, a game similar to rummy but with a bit of a twist!

Looking to play with a classic deck of cards? There are an abundance of options for that too!

Board Games

When evaluating your pizza party ideas for adults, board games might be the perfect plan. There are countless options to explore, certainly too many to list here. But here are just a few of the categories these games can fall into to help narrow your search:

  • Area Control: In these games, you are dominating and protecting your area on the board. Think of games like Risk.  
  • Campaign: These games have a significant amount of cause and effect. They follow a series of interrelated scenarios that you have to navigate through. Interested? Look into games like Gloomhaven or Betrayal Legacy. 
  • Dexterity: As the name suggests, these games – like Jenga or Kerplunk – require a certain level of physical skill. 
  • Roll-and-move: These games are decided by your dice roll. The spaces you land on will determine the action of the game. These games tend to be great for beginners, or those who want a simple objective. Games that fit in this category are The Game of Life or Monopoly. 
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Pizza Party Ideas for Adults 

There are so many opportunities to make your pizza and games combo shine. But, of course, the goal is not to win, but for your group to have the most fun possible. And what crucial piece needs to be added for the perfect night? The pizza! Consider ordering from our fantastic Rosati’s Downtown location. We have been helping people create the perfect party since 1964. With the best thin crust pizza in Chicago, it will be easy to create a memorable night. 

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