Have you ever wondered if you can pair wine with pizza? These two go together as well as pepperoni and cheese or peanut butter and jelly. While we all have our favorite types of wines and pizza toppings, there are certain types of pizza that pair best with certain types of wines. If you enjoy a bottle with a hot slice of pizza, then you might be interested in learning more about the best pizza and wine pairings. In this article, learn about the nine best types of wine with pizza so you can snag a bottle to enjoy with your next Rosati’s pie. 

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Wine With Pizza: A Match Made in Heaven 

It’s no secret that wine with pizza is a delicious combination. The acidity of wine cuts through the richness of the pizza’s cheese and sauce, making it a well-rounded pairing. Whether you are planning a romantic date night at home or you are hosting a pizza night with friends, it is important to select the best wine with pizza for your evening. If you want to maximize the taste of your favorite kind of slice, it is important to serve it with the right kind of wine. There are some basic tips to consider when deciding which pizzas and wines to pair for a great meal. 

What is the Best Wine With Pizza?

There is no one specific wine that goes with a good pie, since there are so many different amazing variations of both. However, the best pairing will enhance the taste and flavors of your pizza. When selecting the best drink for your pizza dinner, consider the flavor of your pizza first. For example, a crisp white wine with a Sauvignon Blanc or a lighter red wine like Pinot Noir is ideal to pair with a vegetarian pizza. But if you are having something spicier and heavier like a meat lover’s special, consider a sparkling wine like a prosecco or a rosé to help you cool down from the heat of the pie. 

The 9 Best Pizza and Wine Pairings

What you drink while eating your pizza is, of course, your decision. However, if you want to maximize the flavors of your favorite pie and enjoy your pizza as a gourmet experience, then it is best to choose a wine that complements your favorite combination of toppings and sauce. The best pizza and wine pairings depend on a variety of factors, like the type of sauce you prefer, your favorite toppings, and the degree of spiciness of your pie.

These are nine of our favorite pizza and wine pairings:

Cheese Pizza and Montepulciano or GSM

Who doesn’t love a classic slice of cheese pizza with red sauce? Pair a simple cheese slice with a bold red wine like a GSM (Grenache, Syrah, and Mourvedre.) A GSM is a red blend that is on the slightly bolder side. A Montepulciano d’Abruzzo is another excellent choice to pair with a simple cheese pizza. 

Pepperoni Pizza and Cabernet Franc or Sangiovese 

If you prefer a bolder pepperoni flavor, you will need a strong wine to match. Choose a Sangiovese or a Cabernet Franc with intense flavors to counterbalance the spiciness of the pepperoni.

Margherita Pizza and Rosé or Garnacha 

A margherita pizza is known for its fresh ingredients of fresh basil, tomatoes, and buffalo mozzarella. The perfect wine to pair with your margherita pie is a dry rosé. If you aren’t a fan of a dry rosé and more of a fan of red wine, try a Garnacha or another light red wine.

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Sausage Pizza and Syrah

If you prefer the bolder flavor of sausage on your pizza, chances are that with your palate you also prefer bolder red wines. Sausage, especially fennel sausage, pairs well with stronger-tasted wines like Syrah or Shiraz. 

Hawaiian Pizza and Riesling 

If you are someone who prefers pineapple and Canadian bacon on your pizza, choose a wine with a sweeter taste like a Riesling. Riesling is a sweet type of German wine. This type of white wine cleanses your palate and enhances the sweetness of the ham and the pineapple. If Riesling is not to your taste, a Zinfandel or a Lambrusco would also be an excellent choice.

White Pizza and Chardonnay 

If you prefer a non-traditional white pizza over the traditional red sauce, you will most likely want to pair it with a white wine. White pizza goes best with white wines, like a Chardonnay. Chardonnay pairs nicely with the cream-based white pizzas. If you are more of a red wine drinker, pair your white pizza with a simple Pinot Noir instead. 

Barbecue Chicken Pizza and Malbec 

If barbecue chicken pizza is your go-to, choose a fruit-forward red wine like a Malbec to pair beautifully with the sweet-style BBQ sauce slathered on your pizza. 

Salad Pizza and Sauvignon Blanc

If you love your pizza covered with greens like spinach and arugula, choose a white wine with green and tart flavors to match like a Sauvignon Blanc, or even a Verdejo or Grüner Veltiner.

Deep Dish Pizza and Chianti 

If you are in the mood for a famous Chicago deep dish style pizza, choose a plummy medium-bodied red wine like a Chianti or perhaps a Cabernet Sauvignon. 

What Goes Well With Pizza?

Now, you know all about the best wine with pizza pairings. But if you aren’t an alcohol drinker and you are wondering, “What goes well with pizza?” There are plenty of other options. Here are some other ways to fill up your plate along with pizza: 

  • Soda
  • Wings 
  • Salads
  • French Fries 
  • Cheese Fries 
  • Cheesy Garlic Bread 
  • Breaded Mushrooms
  • Mozzarella Sticks 
  • Jalapeno Poppers 
  • Calzones 
  • Sandwiches
  • Pasta
  • Cannolis 
  • Zeppole

Check out the rest of our menu to find your own favorite compliments to your pizza. 

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Pair Rosati’s Pizza With Your Favorite Wine Tonight

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