We strive for 100% complete accuracy with all the ingredients we use to make our pizza. However, there is always the remote possibility of cross contact or an error in the commercial kitchen environment.

Variances may occur due to the inherent nature of cooking from scratch and possible variations in pizza ingredients from local suppliers.

Please keep this in mind when asking for nutrition and allergen information. We can share ingredient information from our recipes, but not what a manufacturer may have added prior to it coming to our restaurant.

It is our intent to provide this nutrition and allergen information as a service to you that will assist you in making your food choices easier.

Please know that we practice caution and proper procedures when preparing our gluten-free items and do our very best to ensure a final gluten-free product.


In consuming our gluten-free products, be aware that there still may be a chance of cross-contact or cross-contamination. Guests are advised to consider this nutrition and allergen information as it relates to their individual dietary needs and requirements.

A pizza made with a gluten-free crust, but still prepared in a common kitchen, has a risk of gluten exposure.